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Chiang Mai Grilled Chicken

By most measures this was a rough summer. I spent a lot of it alternating between staring at my ceiling and staring at my TV as I recovered from surgery. There was a lot of pain. There were a lot of pain pills. There were few thoughts and no writing.... (read the rest)

Raghavan Iyer's 660 Curries -- A red lentil dal to start

Funny thing, love is. Can take your whole world and scramble it. Not just the externals, but the underlying physics, the definition of what is possible, of up and down, of do and don’t, of won’t and maybe, maybe, maybe this time I will. Love can screw with all of... (read the rest)

Bean's inventions #1: Chocolate chocolate-chip cookies

A year ago, my then six-year-old daughter Bean approached us with a proposal: She wanted to make invention foods. Not as a one-time thing, but as her new activity, the way her brother plays the clarinet. She wanted supplies and time and to be taken seriously. I smiled a mommy... (read the rest)