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Recipe: Linguine with orange and anchovy sauce

This year, I’m going for a different approach to winter food. I like hearty stews, sort of. They do bring consolation to the cold and the dark. But hunks of long-cooked meat and potatoes are heavy at a time when everything else feels heavy -- jackets, blankets, boots. My sun-deprived... (read the rest)

R.I.P. Papa Cardona

Deepest condolences to the Cardona Family.... (read the rest)

Pomegranate Martini Cake Part 2: The recipe and the woman behind the cake

You asked for the recipe, so here it is. But first a disclaimer: I'm in way over my head with this one. I wandered down to Cardona’s this weekend to inquire after the secrets of the pomegranate martini cake. Mr. Cardona told me the cake was the creation of the... (read the rest)

Cardona's pomegranate martini cake: Bringing back the martini lunch

I’ve never been a sucker for pretty, especially when it comes to lovers and food. I fall in crush with character actors, wry smiles, and cracked, stained, workman hands. When it comes to food, most of my favorite meals swim in sloppy sauces or spill over from big piles of... (read the rest)

Pesto taste-off: And the winner is...

Here is part 1 of Celinabean's first pesto taste-off. So the results, eh? Soon. First, here's how we did it. The taste-off was restricted to off-the-shelf pesto that was readily available in the Albany area. The Wine Bar and Bistro's chef/owner Kevin Everleth agreed to host our party even though... (read the rest)

Neighborhood Jam, Albany, NY

I want to introduce you to someone. Her name is Deloria Ballard-Hubbell. She lives in my old neighborhood, just off Delaware near the Spectrum. After her long days of chasing after two little ones, she tucks them into bed and heads to the kitchen. And there, in the quiet of... (read the rest)

Ten things to love: #2 Cardona's Market, Albany, NY

Where to start with Cardona's? I could tell you about how when I was pregnant with twins and waddling through Cardona's with a toddler in tow, one of the dark-haired men behind the counter would always insist on carrying my bags to the car for me. Or, I could tell... (read the rest)