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How not to cook a steak

Jacques Pepin's Beef Stew in Red Wine Sauce

Recipe: Linguine with orange and anchovy sauce

Real Ramen at Sushi Tei

Chiang Mai Grilled Chicken

Raghavan Iyer's 660 Curries -- A red lentil dal to start

A twist on Thomas Keller: Roasted chicken with ginger-scallion sauce

Bean's inventions #1: Chocolate chocolate-chip cookies

Guest blogging for All Over Albany's eat local challenge: Recipe for grilled flank steak and veggie skewers

Mr. Pio Pio and the short list, Albany, NY

Something simple: Tomato salad with feta and fresh mint

Food talk or not...and a recipe: Butternut squash sauce with sage and pine nuts

Apricots from Don Baker Farm in Hudson

An imperfect recipe: Romano beans with cherry tomatoes, anchovies and potatoes

Lemon pound cake from Via Fresca, Guilderland, NY

Pesto in your 40s

Cute versus brave: Strawberry-basil and raspberry-mint lemonade

Essay and recipe: Grilled Radicchio and goat cheese salad

Falafel stories and a recipe for tahini sauce

The Epicurean: What makes a pair?

Review: Mogombo's International BBQ, Albany, NY

A grownup night out: 677 Prime, Albany NY

Review: The Epicurean, Pittstown, NY

What's in the pantry?: Spicy chickpeas with abruzzese sausage and artichoke hearts

Review: Shining Rainbow, Albany, NY

Tradition: Candied grapefruit and orange peels

The hour before a party

Latke Fest: Oh what, oh what can you put in a latke, Serrano chilies anyone?

Carmen's reopens in Troy

Happy Thanksgiving II

Happy Thanksgiving

Review: Morrette's, Schenectady, NY

Barbara Jean's Round Two: Collard Greens

Biscuits meet cinnamon rolls

Ripe tomato

Casa Dominicana

Soul food breakfast at Barbara Jean's, Albany, NY

Casablanca Moroccan Restaurant, Albany, NY

Katrinella's Bistro, Albany, NY

Here is to not having to work on the weekend...For once!!!

Grilled steak sandwich with figs and gorgonzola

Review: The Marketplace Cafe, Sheffield, MA

Intensity: Lychee nut sorbet at SoCo Creamery, Great Barrington, MA

What to do with your farm-share veggies: Roasted beet salad

Review: Baba Louie's, Hudson, NY

Review: Chipotle Mexican Grill, Wilton, NY

Mystery #4 solved: EJ's wrap at Anton's, Albany, NY

Celinabean Mystery #4: Greek breakfast wrap

Strawberry, basil, and goat cheese salad

Vietnamese-style shrimp with rice noodles with My Linh's nuoc mam

Hello summer (weather anyway)


Questions? Looking for an ingredient in the Albany area? Ask Celinabean.

Grouper with chives

A Perfect Mother's Day: The first salad from the garden

Mini cupcakes from Crumbs, New York City, NY

Recipe: Roasted Yuca with Spanish smoked paprika

Review: The Orchard Tavern and Restaurant, Albany, NY

California-style egg sandwich

Review: Ravenous, Saratoga Springs, NY

Pan-fried trout with cumin and a cornmeal crust

Recipe: Leg of lamb with garlic, ginger and rosemary

Blood oranges

Seder prep: Roasted asparagus

Passover parsley

Good deli: Whitefish salad from Ben & Bill's at Slingerlands Price Chopper

Looking for Eddie: Ginza reopened and guess who is there?


Korean melons at Kim's Asian Market

Muza, Troy, NY

R.I.P. Papa Cardona

Fictional gardening: Planting spinach

QE2, Albany, NY

The Giant Artichoke, Castroville, CA

In-N-Out, Somewhere in California

Inga's Diner, Albany, NY

Cheap good wine: Part 2

Brunch? Who says we don't got no brunch? Mimosas at Ravenous, Saratoga Springs, NY

Sesame-Ginger Soybean Sprouts

Cheap good wine, $5 gets you a bottle of Rene Barbier at the Wine Shop in Albany

Kabul Night, Schenectady, NY

No-nitrate Maple Leaf ham, a solution and a dilemma

Obsessing over Peter Reinhart: The quest for the perfect pizza round three, air pockets

Happy Valentine's Day

Making our way through the freezer sections of the Asian grocery stores: Gyoza, Chinese dumplings, and more (part 1)

Full-Mi-Belly, Crossgates Mall, Guilderland, NY

Food bloggers dinner at CCK, Albany, NY

Heat: Africa Kine Restaurant, Harlem, NY

Ten Things to Love: #10 Peking Duck at CCK, Albany, NY

Pomegranate Martini Cake Part 2: The recipe and the woman behind the cake

El Platano, Troy, NY

Boston birthday party: Cooking for a lot of people after a few too many, um, olives

Dried Lemons (or maybe they are limes): Tagine anyone?

Tips for pan-frying tofu and a new game: Name that dish...

Cardona's pomegranate martini cake: Bringing back the martini lunch

Aashiana, Albany, NY

New Year's sushi: a new tradition

Four Seasons Natural Foods Cafe, Saratoga Springs, NY

Talk of pizza and homemade pizza dough

Denial is river of mango juice: Mango lassi recipe