Panasonic Rice Cooker – Best Value for Money

My Panasonic rice cookerThere is a strange thing about shopping that I have. I purchase only those things that are actually required and make the purchase only after balancing the features and the price of the item. Though everything doesn’t fit in this criterion, but a majority of them do. And one of latest purchases, namely, my rice cooker totally fits in. I have recently bought the Panasonic Rice Cooker which comes with all the functionality that I require and allows me to enjoy homemade meals regularly.

Panasonic is one of those brands that has medium range prices and offers rice cookers that are of good quality. Hence, as soon as I set out to buy the rice cooker, I went down the alley of Panasonic products. I took a demo and confirmed all the features and their functioning that I saw over the internet. Once I was sure of the quality and working of the product, I paid the bills and came home with my brand new rice cooker. Since that day, I have not had any single problem or complaint with the rice cooker. Panasonic Rice Cooker comes with a non-stick cooking pan and the steaming basket. The automatic cooking allows me to just put the rice and water and enjoy a healthy diet afterward. Panasonic rice cooker comes with the 5 hours keep warm function which means that I can enjoy my rice even after 5 hours of cooking as they stay fresh, soft, fragrant and tasty. I don’t like to eat re-heated rice as its taste as well as texture changes if it is reheated after getting cold. However, if the cooked rice is maintained at a particular temperature, neither the taste nor the texture changes and the meal remain edible.

Now coming to the additional goodies that come with the rice cooker I have this amazing steaming basket which allows me to steam my veggies, meat and soya chunks along with the rice. I love to eat steamed veggies with rice. One can even sauté them in a pan with garlic and ginger paste in the olive oil and have a wholesome meal which is healthy as well. Though my cooker doesn’t have any special settings for the brown rice and sushi rice, but I have made both of them in it as I understand the water and heat requirements for both of them.

Apart from rice, I have made cake, soups, chili and jambalaya. All of them have turned put pretty good and I am sure that the taste becomes perfect with time and experience.

Well, I have got my perfect rice cooker and that too for the best value for money. When are you going to get yours? Maybe this could help – Chef Brazil’s site constantly gets updated and has detailed rice cooker reviews. You can choose rice cookers according to rice cooker type or price too.

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