strawberry gelato from Crisan Bakery

10 Things to Love # 9: Crisan Bakery, Albany, NY

It usually takes more than a single encounter to make me declare my love, but give a girl a hearkens-back-to-walks-on-the-Italian-Rivera cup of strawberry gelato for $1 and there is no telling what she'll do.

I try to be patient here on Celinabean. If I like a place, I go back. If I still like it, I go back again and bring my camera. If I like it a third time, I start thinking about telling you about it.

But my patience is contrived at best. I'm really more the jump-up-and-down type who slobbers like a puppy and obsesses like a love-sick teenager. And this time my instincts have won out.

Crisan Bakery is the whole package. Beautiful pastries that beg (in a thick French accent) for a good cup of coffee to go with them.

baked goodies from Crisan Bakery

Espresso and cappuccino at the ready. Lovely tables and funky stools. And, oh yes, the one-dollar gelato.

flaky goodness

Here is what I can recommend so far. Bear in mind that I'm not much of a sweet tooth, and I lean toward pastries with bit of savory or tart to balance out the butter and sugar. The plum strudel had that perfect tart-sweet blend. And the cinnamon-walnut roll reminded me of the nutty pastries I had in Greece. My favorite was the puff pastry filled with feta. One bite and every Romanian gene in my body sighed a slow deep smile.

I can't wait to go back. Crisan Bakery is now going to the top of my how-I-get-my-friends-to-move-to-Albany list. I've been once. But, hey, I knew I wanted to marry my husband the first day I met him. (I didn't tell anyone though.)

Crisan Bakery and Edible Ary Gallery
197 Lark Street, Albany, NY

(518) 445-2727

I don't think they've settled on the hours for sure yet. Here is a link to what my friends at All Over Albany had to say.

nut roll




This place is wonderful - I just stopped in for a gelato, but wow is this place great. I love the bright blue tables outside.

I stopped by today to pick up some birthday treats for my husband. All the pastries looked so beautiful. And the chocolate gelato with splinters of chocolate throughout was fabulous. I think this place is going to be at least a once a week lunch time visit for me. Albany is so lucky to have this lovely new business downtown.

Looks and sounds AMAZING!! Those pasteries may actually turn me into a snacker!

I love the blue tables outside too and the artistry that has gone into the design of the space and the food. It's a real treat to have in Albany. Almost makes Albany feel like a real grown-up city. Now we just need a Metro.

va rog sa ma contactati la adresa de mai sus. eu am vorbit cu doamna crisan in legatura cu elaborarea unui catalog de prezentare cu produsele si mi-a spus sa va contactez la oa dresa de e-mail si nu am nici un raspuns. Vreau sa tin legatura cu dvs pentru a sti care sunt punctele de plecare ca sa putem demara un satfel de catalog. Noi am lucrat pentru multe companii din tara si am fost apreciati dar am avut una doua discutii preliminare cu beneficiarul pentru a stabili formatul,tematica s.s.
Asadar va rog sa ma ajutati in acest sens

nr de telefon este:+40 765 276176
ioan bancioiu

If you love savory, try Crisan's Sauerkraut Horseshoe. It may sound weird, but it's the closest thing I've had to my German grandmother's cabbage strudel. Crisan's version is tangy (not sour American sauerkraut) and has the bite of fresh ground black pepper. Great for lunch or dinner or maybe cut into smaller pieces as an appetizer. Right now they are making different things and seeing what the local customers like. So you may find different treats each time you visit.
Crisan's pastries are unique for this area and have roots in Central European cuisine (plums, poppyseeds, strudels). And the gelato is the best I've had. The scoop is just the right amount--not a pig-out ice cream cone or sundae. Very civilized. Welcome to Albany!

Diagnosis: Delicious!

Crisan update. I went back with my friend who was visiting from Seattle. She was impressed. Crisan seems to be working in the whole get-my-friends-to-move-to-Albany crusade. Everything I had was great except, I have to say, the croissants. They aren't very flaky, more like a sweet bread texture, or the bottom of a popover, or something. Not bad tasting but not a croissant. The lemon ice is amazing, though.

Regarding the croissants, they explained to me that these are not like French croissants (flaky puff pastry), but are actually like a light, but rich yeast dough (think brioche). At one point I saw them labeled Translyvanian Croissants. I think you either like 'em or you don't, but it helps to not expect them to be traditional French style croissants. They do a plain version and one with a chocolate-hazelnut (nutella) filling.

I went to the Crisan bakery over the weekend with friends who live nearby. All I can say is that I never had such delicious and beautiful food. The gelato is better than I ever ate in all of Italy, and I have been to every gelateria in that country, maybe missed a couple, but this tops it all. The real treat for me was the fruit was amazing, fresh and fabulous.
They keep bringing out new stuff as you sit there. My friend had an espresso with hazelnut gelato, and that was superb!! My other friend ordered a chocolate square..and clearly they use the finest chocolate, and the other ingredients are simply the best! I wish they had a branch in my neighborhood, or in the city. WOW!!!

My friend recommended this place and I went there last night. I had the raspberry shortcake and my husband got tiramisu gelato. It was wonderful!! the bill was only $5.00. I am certainly going back this weekend, I will try the coffee then.

I happened to stumble upon Crisan this weekend while partaking in the festivities on Lark. I hadn't heard of it before I saw it and it looked interesting enough, so my friend and I decided to stop in and check out the scene. Crisan was much more than I had expected...the style is very New York City and unlike anywhere I've been in Albany. A very pleasant surprise. I ordered a gelato and my friend ordered a pastry and when the total came to less than $4.00 we were a bit surprised, but we weren't complaining! The customer service and food are excellent and the environment is esthetically pleasing. I've already started telling my friends about it!

Once I heard about it, I had to check it out. I'm an old fashioned Romanian girl who grew up with an extended array of wonderful baked goods in Germany. My expectations were not only met but exceeded. I can't wait to take the 45 minute drive again to chat with Claudia but most importantly to sample yet again the Best Baked Goods in New York.

I love this bakery! The I haven't had one thing that I did not like.
Many thanks to this website for bringing it to my attention.

I had the wonderful opportunity to get to sample some of the Crisan pastries since my original visit before they had just opened. I was blow away by the selection throughout the day - Dobos, Richard, Corina, croissants, feta puffs, and even an amazing simple sugar cookies. I sampled 3 soups over the weekend all of them amazing and different, never thought I would like a milk based tripe soup but it was a really great experience. The hazelnut gelato is very light, organic, natural and earthy much different then a thicker Nutella flavor that I'm used to. Even though I haven't spent too much time in this city I can say that Crisan Bakery is certainly the culinary highlight of Albany.

I went to a lovely girl's first birthday party (Nanda) with my two young children and we were all transfixed by the absolutely gorgeous, work-of-art birthday cake. There was a mermaid in an ocean of icing with chocolate shells and starfish. Inside, the cake was light, with fresh berries (blueberries and raspberries) and delicious. I saw many people (adults) coming back for more....a rarity at a child's birthday party with the usual over-the-top sugary cakes.

Hello, I also am in love with Crisan Bakery-- why? Because it makes me feel as if I'm in Europe without all the fuss of luggage and extremely steep plane fares. I adore the name Edible Art Gallery and the name drove me to it-- the poetry of the name is like the poetry of the pastries.

I read many of the glowing reviews of Crisan here. It is all of everything that people say and more (if that is possible.) I told the co-owner that the place is an absolute treasure for the capital district. Put this place in Paris, Ny, Montreal and it more than stands up well. I read some comments on "Yelp" and while most were positive, I was surprised by some of the negative observations and what I considered nit-picking. Some people didn't like what they called the slowish svce.; in my mind, they were in too much of a hurry and didn't appreciate the rhythm of the place. I ate something the other day called a "peach nest" that was other worldly (they don't have it every day- seasonally and occasionally I suspect.). No more to say- just go!!

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