cubed squash for roasting

Veggie potluck recipe: Roasted squash with black beans and spinach

Sometimes I think I should have named this blog House of the Roasted Sun (and everything else you can stick in a hot oven.)

But really, this time of year, which can best be summed up as cold and busy, roasting is hard to beat. Especially when you have to show up at a potluck in an hour, as I do. We are off to our Temple's annual Chanukah potluck. My favorite part is that everyone brings a menorah, or three, and we light them all. The room glows with flickering candles. And somewhere amid the scent of fried latkes and assorted other veggie potluck items and the giggling of gelt-addled children, my usual somewhat tense and conflicted feelings about the holiday season melt away.

roasting squash in the oven

I started out thinking I would bring a simple roasted squash. But then my imagination took over and soon the stove was covered with pans.

roasted squash with black beans and spinach

What if I added the roasted squash to my usual "recipe" for black bean and spinach burritos? I made up the three basic elements. A pot of black beans, the roasted squash and the wilted spinach with garlic. This took less than 15 minutes of actual work (with more time for the roasting.) Just the colors together were beautiful. I decided that I'd better try it out first, you know, just in case it was horrible or something. So I had a sample bowl for lunch.

quick lunch of roasted squash with spinach

This is one of those perfect flavor combinations. I made the burritos for tonight, but I'm already thinking of other potluck combo ideas. Say a bed of basmati rice with the beans, spinach and squash arranged in thirds on top. It would look beautiful and you could toss it at the last minute, or let people take from each section. You could also top that with cheese and bake it. Or you could do the three over a bed of polenta.

Ideas anyone?

Roasted Squash

1 large butternut squash
olive oil
kosher salt

Cut the squash into 1/2 inch cubes
Coat with olive oil, season with salt and pepper

Spread in one layer on a flat baking pan with enough space so it doesn't steam. Roast in oven at 400 for about 15-20 minutes. Turn if needed. Roast for another 15-20 minutes until soft and starting to brown a bit.


sounds tasty. i'm all about the quesadilla, and do something very similar with a sweet potato.

i LOVE the third photo!

Just made this for a buncha people...My roomies + peeps from out of town were very appreciative.. "Scrumptious!" & Rave reviews all around... I found the recipe today and I had all the supplies.. Did the spinach with a soy ginger twist. The bean thing twas a snap to whip up my mod was mushrooms + red peppers...all and all good idea.. ++Easy ++Tasty ++Satisfying

I am so glad you liked it. Thanks for reminding me of the recipe. I have a bunch of company right now. Ummmm... maybe I will make this tomorrow night.

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