Local Food Festival at Indian Ladder Farms

Here are some pictures from the festival. The weather was beautiful, the donut line daunting, and the samples delicious.

Even the drummer had his cider.

At first, I couldn't find the Chocolate Gecko booth in the food tent, and, believe me, I was looking. Then I spotted a four-person deep crowd. I squeezed my way in and found Gecko gold. Here they are busy dishing out samples.

Chocolate Gecko sample table

The habanero peppers in the picture above and this garlic are from Gardnerville Farms in Altamont. They specialize in organic garlic, herbs and berries. Lots of hot peppers, too.


I fell in love with this quilt. In another life, I will learn to make something as beautiful as this.




Hey, beautiful site, keep the blog posts a-coming. I added you to the blogroll on our site. The food-fest looks like a good time. I drive past the Chocolate Gecko everyday. I oughtta stop in sometime, eh?

hey, i was there too! my man stood in line for donuts while i walked around taking photos. what a beautiful day it was.

'' even the drummer had his cider.'' that's because the drummer makes the cider, i guess, and has been since 1992.actually, i just saw this web site for the first time.matthew of the indian ladder farms cidermill and the college farm musical outfit.

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