roma beans with tomatoes

A gift of tomatoes

This was a recipe born of luck and necessity. I revisited Darcy Morrison today and she practically begged me to go pick all the tomatoes I could from her huge plot of drooping vines. How could I refuse her in her time of need? My counters are now so full of tomatoes that there is no room to work. So here is my solution for a kitchen full of tomatoes.


Roma beans with tomatoes


4-5 large handfuls of Roma beans (if you don't have these lovely flat Italian beans, don't fret, just use regular green beans.)
20 cherry tomatoes or more if you can get away with it. (Any mid-size tomato will do)
4 cloves garlic, minced
1 anchovy fillet
2 teaspoons capers
good olive oil
gray salt (or sea salt)
crushed red pepper

One note: Don't be intimidated by the capers and anchovy if you don't like those ingredients. My husband doesn't like either and he ate three slices of bread soaked in the sauce. In this dish, they are more behind the scenes than star players.

Cooking instructions:

Remove stems from beans and wash well. Steam until bright green and just tender.

When the beans are almost done steaming, put a long, tall pour of olive oil in the bottom of your widest frying pan. Heat until a fruity scent rises off the pan. Add a few shakes of red pepper, a few seconds later add the garlic, let it release, but not brown. Add capers and anchovies. Stir for just a few seconds so they flavor the oil.

Add green beans. Toss with the oil and then allow them to sit one-side down in the heat for a few minutes. Toss again, then allow them to cook some more undisturbed. When they start to go limp and look like they've taken the flavor of the oil, add the tomatoes. Toss and rest in the same way. Add salt to taste. When tomatoes are soft, but not mush the dish is done.

Serve in a wide dish that will hold the juice. Serve with a crusty bread and glass of wine for a great summer lunch.


That dish looks wonderful. We will definitely be making it soon. Thanks for the link in your blog roll.

Celina, this is a beautiful website. Your photos are amazing! You sure you weren't a photog in a former life? ;) Can't wait to keep reading and getting delicious recipes!!!

Hi just wanted to comment on this dish.. my calabrese mother-in-law makes this dish but more simplified(no garlic, no anchovie no capers and no spice-just salt and pepper) but with spagetti! It is simple yet delishiously phenomenal and one of my favourite dishes of all time. :) Great picture!

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